Tomorrow Bank launches sustainability tokens

Tomorrow is a German bank that will be offering security tokens from October 20th. With the money raised via the Wiwin platform, it only wants to financially support sustainable projects. The bank sees itself in a pioneering role in Europe.

Bank Tomorrow and the online platform Wiwin will be offering a security token from October 20th

The digital security should help the bank to grow further. The two financial companies said this in a press releaseannounced on October 15th. Both companies promise to only invest in sustainable projects. Hence, industries like defense and coal are left with nothing.

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The goal of the Hamburger Bank is two million euros. Investments from 100 euros are possible here, investors can buy security tokens with a maximum value of 25,000 euros. Professional investors can invest a further two million euros in the digital securities.

Tomorrow wants to turn the classic banking system upside down

The three founders Jakob Berndt, Inas Nureldin and Michael Schweikart publish important key figures for the bank. In doing so, they want to ensure that their work is transparent and that investors know that they are involved in sustainable projects . Tomorrow’s cooperation partner, Wiwin, also sees itself as a sustainable financial institution. The company, founded in 2011, says it has already invested 67 million euros in environmentally friendly concepts.

Aside from Tomorrow, established German companies are also using blockchain technology for a more sustainable economy. BMW and DB Schenker , for example, rely on VeChain to track the actual supply chain of products. In this way, the companies want to avoid that, for example, producers can abuse sustainability or organic seals.

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